Focus: We run a focused portfolio of high-conviction holdings. Our Fund is not correlated to any particular index. We target absolute returns, though we strive to deliver consistent outperformance vis-à-vis broader industry benchmarks. We focus primarily on smaller capitalization growth companies, though we may own larger companies that fit our growth and returns criteria. Our focus on smaller companies means that the Fund has exposure to many names often not found in other institutional portfolios.

Conviction: Our conviction is that select Thai equities offer unique growth opportunities that can generate above-average capital appreciation for longer-term investors. We believe that Thailand - and Thai companies building businesses across the broader ASEAN sub-region - continue to offer opportunities to invest in above-trend growth. Many of these companies are under-researched and under-owned by international institutions.

Dedication: We are dedicated to finding the best multi-year stock investment stories. We follow a bottom-up method to identify outstanding growth companies. We look for industries and companies in particular that are benefitting from changing opportunities and competitive dynamics. Many of these are in emerging growth industries, though some are in traditional business undergoing change or disruption. We look for businesses with sustainable margins, returns on capital, and free cash flow. We favor stocks in which management maintains a significant equity stake.

Sustainability:  Sustainability is an important component in our investment process. We believe there is an alignment between the interests of shareholders, and a company’s commitments to sustainable growth and corporate responsibility. We integrate these criteria into our assessment of the sustainability of returns over time, and we agree with the emerging body of evidence that these commitments can and will increasingly contribute to superior investment returns.